New 7 inch "The World Is Filled With Discos"

Our new 7 inch, "The World Is Filled With Discos," is out. It's currently available at Indy CD bitcoin price in pakistan and Vinyl in Indianapolis, or by emailing us your request. (We hope to have our online store updated soon) It's also available on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Fountain Square Music Festival

We had a great show today at the Fountain Square Music Festival. Thanks to all that came. A little rain got people under the tent. I can't say we planned it, but maybe. Also, thanks to all the bands and organizers. A great day for music in Indianapolis.

Red Light Driver selected for TuneCore compilation

Red Light Driver was selected out of 2000 submissions to appear on TuneCore's "The Power trading website in pakistan of Independence" compilation. You can download our new single, "The World Is Filled With Discos" for free on Amazon. Here's a link to their blog and downloads

RLD opens for Psychedelic Furs, licenses song to

We're finally getting the chance to open for the Psychedelic Furs after having to turn down the show the last time they came to town. Purchase tickets here.

Also, check out this great video featuring our song "Celeste Celeste""
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Cutting 40 demos down to size

40 demos being slashed to 11 invest in stocks with paypal .
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Please vote for us to play with Jane's Addiction and The Roots during the Rolling Stone Super Bowl party!

Click here to vote
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Happy Halloween!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! We're 5 years old now and happy to say we start writing and recording our 5th release this Wednesday. We had a blast being the Cure for Melody Inn's Halloween Show. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Reviews are coming in!

Check out the Press tab on the Info/Press page for new reviews of Celeste Celeste.
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New EP "Celeste Celeste" available now

Purchase at iTunes, Amazon, Indy CD & Vinyl, Vibes, Luna
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Free MP3 download promotion is over

If you downloaded and donated, or if you just downloaded our music for free, we thank you for your support. The free promotion has ended as we're gearing up for more releases in the coming months. Cheers to you and 2011!


Tonic Ball this Friday

RLD plays Tonic Ball, a night of art and music to benefit
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RLD Says No to MySpace

That's right! We deleted our MySpace page today. Tired of all those virus alert pop-ups every time we use it. You can find us active on Facebook for now.

Backroom added to our site. Free Downloads.

We're giving away all of our releases for free!
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EP soon. A couple shows maybe. Then more recording.

Currently mixing new 6 song EP. Digital only release.....
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Website saved!

Happy to be back.
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Sorry for the misinformation

We will not be on WITT 91.9 FM Indianapolis this evening (August 26th) as sent out in a former email. We are recording our interview and live acoustic session with them this evening to be broadcast on a future date. We will keep you informed as soon as we know.

What's next

what's going on the rest of the year for RLD?
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Stations now charting "... And Now We Can Be Ourselves

Red Light Driver releases album, tears up radio charts
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Booking RLD

How to book us, Show Trades.
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RLD Top 5 Radio Adds!

reports are good
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CD Release Party - THIS SATURDAY (12/13/08)

Our CD release show and party for "...and Now We Can Be Ourselves" is this Saturday at Radio Radio in Indianapolis. FREE CD is included with the $7 cover.
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RLDJs (CD Listening Party)

Dec 10th @ The Casba in Indianapolis - Join RLD as they spin their favorite albums @ Mutiny
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...and now we can be ourselves... finally

it's out.
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Recording is finished!

our recording sessions are finished. the album is finally entering the mixing process.
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RLD Wins Best Video of the Year

Thanks to everyone that voted for us! With all of your help, our video for "Lights" took the top prize, and we are extremely happy! Listen for us on 92.3 WTTS starting this Friday.
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(View: IndyStar-VideoThrowdownWinner_12-13-2007-20.pdf)

New Videos on Youtube

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New Music Video - "Lights" (Directed by Chris Francis)

Click on the video link at the bottom of your screen
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Interview/Article - Dayton Daily News

The buzz about Indianapolis based neo-wave/pop/rock band Red Light Driver can be heard loud and clear in Dayton and just about anywhere else in the midwest.

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(View: DaytonDailyNews_8-19-07_8-20-2007-69.pdf)

We're shooting a video

"lights" is gettin' the treatment.
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MSNBC Blurb About Red Light Driver

They have a great sound that harkens back to the 80s alternative acts like The Cure, Love and Rockets and New Order but still sounds fresh (think modern bands like Bloc Party).
(View: RLD_On_MSNBC_5-4-07_8-20-2007-72.pdf) - Video Interview and Performance

"Off the Record" with David Lindquist
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RLD on X103 (WRZX)

Our song "Lights" has been added on X103 (WRZX). Please call (317)239-9103 and request it!

RLD appears in upcoming movie, A Day in the Life of Joe Redwood

Come join us on March 29th at The Vogue for the Joe Redwood Film Party.
Click below to see our film trailer.
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Some good reviews and new photos

take a look at our press and photo sections and you find some new reviews and pics.

Dates for April and May

We're ready for the road. We want to play in your city!
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Recording in Bloomington

Bloomington has great food!
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Hello Red Light Driver Dot Com

Here it is! You finally get what you want.
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Some of Our Gear Is Missing Or Stolen!!! Please Help!

Staying on this little string of good luck we've been having with our equipment.... we played the Oranje art event in Indianapolis and when we went to load out on Sunday, some of our gear was gone.
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Celeste Celeste (EP)

Celeste Celeste (EP)

The newest EP from Red Light Driver. Released on March 22, 2011.

Also available on iTunes,, Rhapsody, MusicNet, Napster, eMusic