The DaDaDa - On the Radar: Red Light Driver

Celeste Celeste is a good pick up from this Midwestern quartet, and really shows a lot of growth from this band.
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Caesar Live N Loud - Celeste Celeste Review

Antes de mais devo dizer que sao uma boa banda rock com uma sonoridade psicadelica :) ...all of them make a solid psychedelic rock/pop record! :) If you like this genre of music you will sure love this EP, it is a great choice to have a good time!
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Indie Blog Shot Review | Taking A Look at Their New EP Celeste Celeste
5/5/2011 just get this sense, when listening to the new EP, that you will be hearing this band's music playing in the back ground of a local pub. It's that sense of familiarity and the excellent execution that makes Celeste Celeste a memorable EP and leaves the listener wanting more. ...will make you want to see Red Light Driver in concert...
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Review Stalker - Hello Red Light Driver it's me Celeste Celeste

This combo is going to bring the genre back into vogue as they present their case in a oversaturated market of internet bands who care more care about how cool their beards looks than the music.
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Hostage Radio - Celeste Celeste EP Review

Celeste Celeste kicks into high gear immediately--the title track's guitar pulses a warning and the song morphs into a jangly slice of psychedelia that sounds like it was recorded for some long lost Paisley Underground tribute... The EP closes with "Canterbury Tea,"... a potent, trippy brew that leaves the listener dizzy and craving for more.
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Indy Star - Celebrated Sounds: Red Light Driver EP a breezy listen

The verdict: "Celeste Celeste" -- a breezy 20-minute listen -- represents a satisfying sliver of Red Light Driver's talents. It cultivates anticipation for the next full-length project, and, for the uninitiated, should spark interest in the band's past work.
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Metromix - A Ripple of sonic uprising

Red Light Driver highlighted in Broad Ripple Music Festival review by David Lindquist.
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Nuvo Magazine - Red Light Driver,

Red Light Driver's work may have its dreamy, swoony moments - it's hard to think of their swirling, sustained guitarwork in any other way - but that doesn't mean they're lost in the stars. They're just as capable of road rage as the next guy, the next politically incorrect guy, according to the chorus to "Bitch," the opening track to their six-song
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Fiore Magazine - Album Review

Get ready for an atmospheric ride. That's what Indianapolis based band Red Light Driver's debut album takes you on. What at first glance appears to be a catchy rock and pop release, ...and now we can be ourselves has been carefully wrought with a multitude of spacious layers, giving the entire disc a psychedelic spirit.
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(View: fiore_marapr09_5-21-2009-70.pdf) - Album Review

Red Light Driver's debut album "and now We Can Be Ourselves" will attract post-punk & new wave fans. Their influences of Joy Division, New Order, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen clearly show up in their style. I didn't know what to expect with this album but I ended up liking it. I could see this band getting lots of exposure! ****
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(View: ReadJunk-Review_04-15-09_5-20-2009-65.pdf) - Japanese Album Review
好評のミニアルバムを経て遂に完成したアメリカインディアナポリスの4人組によるデビュー作!凄くブリッティッシュなサウンドです There is fun! ! !
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Fame Takes a Back Seat - Indy Star

Band puts music and camaraderie before all else
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CD Release Party Preview - Nuvo Magazine

Harmon, with his Rickenbacker 360, plays sharp, shimmering patterns that recall the Smiths' Johnny Marr and Echo & the Bunnymen's Will Sergeant. The sometimes dark sonic palate is balanced by a subtle sense of humor and the sunny vocal harmonies of Osgood and Contreras.
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Meet the band: Red Light Driver -

It's a cohesive album, inspired by friends who drop in and out of the local music community, a salacious rendezvous at an airport, and fresh starts for time-tested musicians.
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Red Light Driver records new album, discusses Scientology with producer Paul Mahern - Nuvo Magazine

Mahern had this to say about his recording session with RLD: "It has been a great pleasure to sit in the room with these guys and see/hear them perform live for the record. In this day and age of cut and paste record-making, it is quite refreshing to work with such a tight unit."
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"Music Video Thowdown" Winner!

The votes are in, and Indianapolis music lovers have chosen Red Light Driver as the band with the best music video in the inaugural "Music Video Throwdown," sponsored by, Bud Light, and WTTS.
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Interview/Article - Dayton Daily News

The buzz about Indianapolis based neo-wave/pop/rock band Red Light Driver can be heard loud and clear in Dayton and just about anywhere else in the midwest.
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MSNBC Blurb About Red Light Driver

They have a great sound that harkens back to the '80s alternative acts like The Cure, Love and Rockets and New Order but still sounds fresh (think modern bands like Bloc Party).
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Interview - Intake Weekly Magazine

A New Moon Rising: Former Lunar Event members rise again as Red Light Driver
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Live Show Review - The Sagamore (IUPUI Newspaper)

Red Light Driver channels '80s new wave, history
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Live Show Review - Nuvo Magazine

Indy's Red Light Driver single-handedly brought the rock.
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